Certificate Revocation Guideline

Documents required for certificate revocation
- Completion of Certificate Revocation Application Form
- Origin and copy of national card (
both sides)
- Principle and copy of one of the following photographic identification documents:
        * Birth certificate
        * Driving License
        * Passport
- Copy of the Official magazine of the foundation advertisement (stamped by the company)
- Copy of the Official magazine of the Last changes (stamped by the company)

Note: These documents must be delivered separately from the digital certificate documents and submitted to the Registration Authority.

Filling in the application for revocation of the digital certificate
Clause 1- digital Certificate Specifications:
In this clause enter the digital certificate specification. These specifications are available as follows:
    - Connect the token to a USB port.
    - Run Internet Explorer.
    - From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
    - In the Internet Options window, select the Certificates key from the Content section at the top of the page.
    - A new window opens. In this window, double-click on the intended certificate from Certificate list in the Personal section of the certificate.
    - A new window opens again. In this window, in the Details section, you can find the information needed to fill in item 1.

    - Common Name is in the Subject field.
    - Serial Number and Thumbprint are recorded separately in this section.

Clause 2- Specification of the owner of the certificate:

In the absence of the certificate holder, leave the signature and fingerprints blank at the end of this clause.

Clause 3- Organization / Company / Institution

In this clause, inside of the relevant box is stamped by the company and signed by the signatories of the underwriting documents in accordance with the latest announcement of the changes (generally, the CEO and one of the board members). Stamp and signature are required in accordance with the latest announcement of the changes.

Clause 4- Digital certificate revocation reasons:

Applicants for digital certificate revocation, according to their own circumstances, choose one of the reasons for revoking the certificate in question.